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Since 2002 the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Social Services’ Ventura County Center had operated the Winter Warming Shelter in western Ventura County, providing a temporary respite for thousands of homeless individuals and families.   In 2013, the Society made a decision to shift its focus by addressing more permanent solutions to homelessness.   We are now offering an Intensive Case Management and Housing program for those individuals and families that have come onto hard times, and are in need of assistance to get back on their feet. The case management program is designed to serve low income individuals, and families without housing, or at risk of losing their housing.  Through funding made available by the Lennar Charitable Housing Foundation, and the City of Oxnard’s Community Development Block Grant program, some clients may be eligible for assistance with move in, and/or rental assistance.
Our Intensive Case Management and Housing Program uses a multi-step process that helps individuals and families achieve desired goals. Our team of case managers and housing specialist provide support based on the client’s needs.  In order to be successful, an individualized case plan is developed, identifying strengths, and challenges.  Resources are located, and an assigned case management from our team works with the client, meeting frequently to track progress, and make adjustments to the plan. Supportive services will be offered to help clients reach goals that are most important to them. To achieve these goals, the Society’s social services program provides: Access to housing and housing resources, health and mental health support and referrals, community engagement, as well as prevention and intervention regarding housing issues.   We aim to help with more than just housing.  The intent of our programming is not just to see that people are housed, but to help clients develop the life skills necessary to live independently, and sustain permanent housing.
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