Sister Teresa and resident.

The Prisoner Resettlement Program responds to the needs of men and women who are approaching release from prison by assisting them in their transition back to wholeness and a productive life in society.

Currently there are 127,000 adults in California State prisons. 43,000 are released each year; almost 15,000 hoping for a better life, arrive in Los Angeles County. 42.8% are rearrested and returned to prison in the first three years. To combat this unacceptable revolving door, we work with The Francisco Homes who operate six transitional homes, one of which is owned and furnished by SVDPLA.

Sister Teresa Groth, DMJ, staff and volunteers, through a consistent service, provide a restorative environment and honor the rehabilitation and personal transformation of their residents. Their rate of return to prison is less than 1%. This is a faith inspired program implementing Catholic principles, offering mercy, compassion and a model of restorative justice.

This program, with funding from SVDPLA, offers hope to prisoners.

They correspond with over 3,000 men and write about 1000 letters of support on behalf of long term-incarcerated inmates to the Board of Parole for their possible release each year. Every person entering the door of The Francisco Homes is received with warm hospitality. As part of their reintegration, each person goes to the SVDPLA thrift store to receive the clothes they need to start a new life: to fit in to society, to visit family and friends, to practice their own faith and interview for a job.

Your contributions make all of this possible.

The men living in this program bring healing to the community through their efforts in community service. They mentor young people at a number of local non-profits serving at-risk youth. They speak frankly with active gang members letting them know just where that lifestyle may lead. Their theater group performs at high schools and colleges demonstrating alternatives in conflict resolution. It’s through giving that they find personal healing and it’s through good deeds that they show respect to their victims, victims' families and loved ones.

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