Work of the Conferences

The Society’s Council of Los Angeles was established in 1908, and guided by the principals of its founder and the teachings of its patron, St. Vincent de Paul, our volunteers seek to promote the dignity of the person, alleviate suffering, and diminish distress, all while working to correct the conditions that cause them.

The heart of the Society’s operations are its lay volunteers – now numbering approximately 1,800 men, women, young adults, and teenagers – who serve the less fortunate in whatever capacity is necessary to solve the problems people are facing and enable them to re-establish themselves as productive citizens.  The most concrete embodiment of the volunteers’ mission in the Society is the home visit, where dedicated volunteers work with families and individuals in need to help them overcome the challenges to self-sufficiency that they face. The Society’s volunteers also assist with emergency food and shelter programs; conduct food, clothing and toy drives; furnish financial assistance for utilities, transportation or temporary housing; provide referrals to victims of domestic violence, runaways and those in need of medical or dental treatment; aid individuals with filing paper work for government assistance; and visit elderly shut-ins or those in prison.